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The product of iGap-based knowledge is an Iranian multi-platform messenger. iGap was introduced to the user community as the first and only open-source messenger of Iran and the Middle East since November 2015, after which it became the safest Iranian open-source messenger.
Users can easily access this messenger by installing this app on their mobile, tablet and computer. iGap allows its users to exchange text messages, photos, videos, music and more with each other, and by using attractive and animated stickers that were first released in Iran by iGap, make their conversation environment more attractive than ever. iGap also for the first time in Iran has enabled its users to make P2P voice and video calls through internet platforms.
iGap has also created a section called Island, where it offers a variety of services to users. Purchase of digital gift card on sticker platform, card to card, mobile phone charging, purchase and renew internet packages, paying charity, taxi request, internet shopping, purchase of various Iranian digital currency, sign up for Sajam system, My Persian and more... are part of these services that are also increasing in number.
iGap messenger has been released on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and web platforms.

iGap belongs to kian Iranian Technology Development Group


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